Vixengirl2THE VIXEN

Interested in shrinking down a size? Thanks to the Lipo Queen “VIXEN,” we (finally!) have shape wear created by a Board-Certified female plastic surgeon–Dr. Suzanne A. Trott–who knows exactly what it takes to show off those curves…and keep you comfortable!

The LipoQueen VIXEN body contouring shape wear is made from a strong, breathable fabric and fits like a second skin, smoothing out your bra fat, back fat, saddle bags, and inner thighs with our “surgically placed” panels. The signature lace cuff won’t roll up your thighs while you’re sitting. Shoulder straps keep the upper half of the garment from rolling down around your waist (sound familiar?), but won’t dig into your skin.

If you’ve just had surgery, good compression is a key part of the recovery process. And since you have to wear something for six weeks, why not stay comfortable in a garment specifically designed to be worn under clothes? (No one will be able to tell it’s right there under those skinny jeans!)

If you’re not quite ready for your procedure yet – can’t find that downtime in your busy schedule – this is the perfect size-shrinking alternative in the meantime. It’s also the best thing out there for tightening it all back up after having a baby 😉

So whether you’re in a clingy evening dress, daily business attire, or just something comfortable to run around in while doing errands, with the VIXEN underneath you’ll feel just a little more…”vixeny.”



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