Breast Reconstruction FAQ’s

Q) Will my insurance cover breast reconstruction surgery?

A) Medical necessities and insurance coverage make each situation unique. Most insurance companies will cover not only the initial breast reconstruction but also any additional procedures in either breast throughout the rest of a breast cancer patient’s lifetime.Cases involving procedures such as tissue expanders and implants or pedicle TRAM flaps may be covered as in-network benefits. The office staff is very familiar with the insurance companies and their issues. If necessary, our office will spend significant amounts of time working with our patients and their insurance providers to minimize any out-of-pocket costs. Please call our office to review your situation.

Q) How long after the surgery will the nipple be reconstructed and tattooed?

A) The nipple is usually reconstructed three months after the initial surgery and can be tattooed one month after reconstruction. This can be either be done by a medical tattoo specialist or a permanent makeup artist.

Q) How long after the initial consultation can surgery be scheduled?

A) Scheduling your surgery can begin on the day of consultation, and will be coordinated with your general breast surgeon. Surgery is usually schedule one to two weeks after we meet with you.

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