Breast Revision Surgery for Continued Confidence

By: | Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 | Breast Reconstruction

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

While it is not always true that breast implants have to be replaced, it is important that you realize that as your body ages – surgery may be required to maintain the beautiful results of your breast augmentation. Because many women receive implants early in life it is expected that breast revision surgery will be needed after pregnancies or with advanced age to maintain results.

shutterstock_95449003Whatever your reason, Dr. Trott can help you achieve your goals of restoring your breasts so they look and feel as good as they did with that first augmentation surgery. Each of her breast revision surgery procedures is customized to the individual patient.

If you suffer from capsular contracture or other complications of breast augmentation surgery, your health insurance may cover a portion of the surgery. However, health insurance will not cover the costs to replace your implants as this a cosmetic procedure.

To learn more about your options for breast revision surgery, contact Dr. Suzanne Trott for a consultation today.




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