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Full body contouring with Liposuction on a Thirty year-old woman

Procedure Details

This is a thirty year-old Los Angeles woman who underwent total body contouring with liposculpture in two sessions. The procedures were spaced six weeks apart. The pictures on the right are four months postoperative after the second procedure. The first procedure was liposuction of the bilateral arms, back, flanks, and inner and outer thighs and the second procedure was a liposuction of the calves, ankles, arms and abdomen. Prior to this, she had been struggling with diet and exercise and was getting nowhere. This has really given her a jump-start to taking care of herself. It is four months postoperative and she has not gained any weight since the procedure. She has completely maintained her new physique by exercising but mostly by changing to a healthier diet. This woman is just one of hundreds that I have treated who are living proof that "If you get liposuction in one place it will come back somewhere else" is not true! That only happens when someone is a "closet eater." If you can be honest with yourself about stepping up your diet, you can maintain any body contouring procedure.


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