Double Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon

Tuberous breast reconstruction with bilateral implants, lift and fat grafting.

Procedure Details

This is a thirty-three year-old woman who presented with classic tuberous breast asymmetry, with a small B cup on the left and a C cup on the right. She also had a left chest wall deformity with protruberance (sticking out) of her upper ribs on that side, which is later somewhat camouflaged by the implant in the side view. In the post-op pictures she is three months s/p subpectoral breast augmentation with Mentor smooth round moderate plus silicone gel implants, 325 cc on the left and 300 cc on the right, vertical mastopexy of the right breast, and autologous fat grafting to the breasts, twenty cc on the right and forty cc on the left. Both implants were placed through peri-areolar incisions. She now has full C cup breasts and much improved symmetry. It is often helpful to combine the procedures of both a breast implant and fat grafting in tuberous breasts to help their shape. Especially on the smaller side which is flatter and needs more thickness to the lower pole. Only so much can be done at one time, however the fat grafting is a short outpatient procedure that can repeated every three months, and retention of the fat improves every time it is done.


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