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Plastic Surgeon

Bilateral removal and replacement of ruptured silicone implants

Procedure Details

This sixty-seven year-old woman had ruptured silicone implants that had been subglandular (on top of the muscle) for twenty years. She didn't know how long they had been ruptured for, but she suffered from pain and deformity of bilateral Baker IV capsular contractures. There was also ruptured silicone in clumps called "siliconomas" and you can see in the preop picture that the implants were sitting up in her armpits. The pictures on the right show the patient at six weeks postoperative from bilateral removal of implants, bilateral complete capsulectomies (en bloc capsulectomies) and removal of siliconomas and replacement with subglandular Allergan 68MP moderate profile 360 cc implants filled to 360 cc. Postoperative the patient is very happy. She no longer has discomfort and her breasts are soft and the implants are in a much better position. The incision was done inframammary. On the side views you can see that preoperatively she has what is called a "Snoopy Deformity" where the nipple is not at the most projecting part of the breast. This is corrected with the capsulectomies. The fact that the silicone implants were ruptured and that there was free silicone in the breast is not dangerous, but can be challenging to remove thoroughly. An additional incision had to be made in her left axilla to remove silicone that was stuck to the skin there.


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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