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Gynecomastia Repair and Flank Liposuction on a 30-year-old man

Procedure Details

This thirty year-old Los Angeles gentleman had a grade IIa gynecomastia since he was a teenager. Grade IIa is moderate tissue excess with no skin excess. This had always caused him so much psychological distress that he even felt uncomfortable wearing T-shirts. Even though his breasts don't look THAT big in the preoperative picture on the left, it is the SHAPE of them with the nipple in the center and the presence of an inframammary crease that makes them appear feminine. In a female breast, the nipple is in the center because the tail of the breast comes from the lateral chest wall. On a male, the nipple sits at the bottom of the breast and there is no inframammary crease. That's the difference between gynecomastia and a well-developed pectoralis major muscle. On the right are the pictures taken three months after a gynecomastia reduction, which entailed liposuction of the chest wall and direct excision of the remaining breast tissue. He also underwent liposuction of his bilateral flanks at the same time.


Dr. Suzanne Trott

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