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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Suzanne Trott

http://www.drtrott.com - Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Suzanne Trott describing her vast experience in plastic surgery and her approach to helping her patients achieve their ideal selves.


Crystal Kay: Hello everyone, I'm Crystal Kay, and as promised, we are here with Doctor Suzanne Trott, in her offices here in Beverly Hills. First of all, thank you so much Suzanne for meeting us.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Oh, you're welcome. No, this is really fun. This is great that we get to talk.

Crystal Kay: Well let's go ahead and get started. First of all, why did you choose to become a plastic surgeon?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Well, I think when I was rotating through the different surgical rotations in medical school, it was the field that afforded surgeons the most creativity. 

My mom's an artist, I'm kind of an artist, I guess. There's a lot of out-of-the-box thinking involved, and applying basic principles to different situations, no two of which are the same really, in plastic surgery.

Crystal Kay: Okay, so here in Beverly Hills, we have some of the most plastic surgeons, I would think, in the country. Many of them are probably going to be men. Now how does going to a male plastic surgeon, versus a female plastic surgeon, like yourself, how does it differ for the actual patient?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Well, personally, I think for the things that I specialize in, which is mostly women's breast, and body contouring, I think the advantages I have, are not just as being a woman, but being a woman who is body-conscious, and in touch with what women are going for, the looks that they're going for. Which is not necessarily something to impress a man.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: I think that men see women's bodies differently than women see women's bodies. I mean we, women, know that. We know that we're not doing these things because we think it's going to make a man like us better. It's something that makes us feel better about ourselves, based on things that we see, and ways that we want to look. So I think that having-

Crystal Kay: Does that explain, just really quickly, when I tell my husband, "I don't like this about myself." He doesn't know what I'm talking about?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yes, that totally explains it.

Crystal Kay: Okay, that makes sense.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yes, that totally explains it. Because I can have a woman come in, a common one is for instance, a lot of women want to do liposculpture of the thighs, of the inner thighs, and they say, "Well am I going to have a space between my legs?" I mean that's a big thing. 

Women, a lot of women say they want to have a space between their legs. You know, models walk down the runway, they have a space between their legs. Men, a lot of men would look at you and say, "Why? Why do you care? I mean, what does that have to do with anything?" It doesn't really have to do with anything, except it's something that women perceive as attractive.

So I think, I can show before and after pictures to my husband, of a woman who's thighs have been perfectly sculpted, and he'll look at them and he'll see the saddlebags are gone, and he won't see a difference, and he'll just be like, "What's different?" 'Cause he's looking at her waist. He's looking at her breasts. He's not looking at the things that we look at.

Crystal Kay: Could you almost say that you're girl's best friend, and a plastic surgeon together? 

Dr. Suzanne T.: I am, it is very easy for me, feeling the same things that my patients feel. To be able to get on the same page with them about what it is that they want. 

Everybody has an ideal for themselves. The ideal ... A girl who hangs out with bathing suit models in Miami has a different ideal for herself than I have for myself, than someone who has had a big weight-loss operation, and has a lot of extra skin.

Everybody has something that can be improved, and I think being able to see the potential that's there for each and every person, I think that's the advantage that I have.

Crystal Kay: Okay, now I know you can't tell us which celebrities have had what done, 'cause I wouldn't ask you to do that. But can you just tell us maybe the hottest procedures that you're doing right now, and what's the most popular ones?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Well, you know the most popular procedure in plastic surgery has always been, and probably always will be liposuction, or liposculpture.

Crystal Kay: Let's go back. You said liposculpture. I've heard of liposuction, but what is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Honestly, liposculpture is a more user-friendly term. It sounds less invasive, sculpting. But whatever I do, I would consider it to be liposculpture. Because I'm not just taking out fat, I'm always sculpting it to the way I would feel like I would want it removed on me in certain areas. So that's, it's really the same thing.

Crystal Kay: Okay, now I've been doing a little bit of reading on liposculpture, and liposuction, now that I know the difference. But I've got some questions for you, how painful is it?

Dr. Suzanne T.: It's, you know what, it's different for everybody. This is the kind of thing, I give everybody really good pain medication, you know, and I tell them up front.

Crystal Kay: Right.

Dr. Suzanne T.: I would say for most women who exercise a few times a week, you probably need to take at least a few days off of work, at least.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: It feels like you've worked out really, really, really hard. But really, that's what it feels like. It feels like you've worked out really, really, really hard, or run marathon or something. But you haven't obviously.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: You know, most women are up and around pretty quickly afterwards. But everybody's pain threshold is different. So I just like to prepare them.

Tell them a week of no obligations. That's not a week in bed. That's a week of you don't have to be at this meeting. You don't have to be at this thing or that thing, but you can get up and do something if you want to.

Crystal Kay: Okay, so you're basically equating it to working out really, really, really hard, maybe some soreness afterwards?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yeah, it's more soreness. It's not agonizing pain.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: It's really just soreness. It feels like you did a million sit ups, or-

Crystal Kay: A million sit ups?

Dr. Suzanne T.: A million sit ups.

Crystal Kay: How about half a million sit ups?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Half a mil, maybe I don't know. 

Crystal Kay: [crosstalk]

Dr. Suzanne T.: I haven't done more than two sit ups in the past decade, so I don't know how long it would take to do half a million sit ups, but yeah.

Crystal Kay: Alright. Now as far as the results, is it permanent? Does it go away? If we get liposuction, does that give us a whole reign of food that we can eat limitless?

Dr. Suzanne T.: No. People always ask, "Is it going to come back? Is it going to come back weird? Is it going to come back lumpy?" I mean, I will tell you, from personal experience, myself.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: As well as my patients, where I've been in practice for almost a decade. If you take care of yourself afterwards, it really doesn't come back.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: I mean, it is a permanent solution. However, it is not instead of dieting and exercising, and especially women who are in their 30s, 40s especially. We know your metabolism changes. You might have to kick it up a notch. You might have to eat dessert less times. You might have to work out a couple more times a week. 

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: But it should not come back if you take care of yourself.

Crystal Kay: But you can actually reward yourself with new clothes.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Absolutely, and you should.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: You know that you should definitely edit out the clothes that do not fit you, because you won't reap the benefits of your procedure, and then you won't be able to see yourself as your new self. People sometimes could carry around an image of themselves, as they were before. And you really need to enjoy it and experience it.

So I tell people, if they've had, if I've done a liposculpture on them, they come in wearing their baggy clothes from before the surgery, I tell them they have to come back in a tight outfit. I will not see them until they come in in something form-fitting.

Crystal Kay: Good advice.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yes. 

Crystal Kay: And no dessert.

Dr. Suzanne T.: No dessert.

Crystal Kay: And then as far as how long should we expect, until we see results? So I come to get a surgery, or the procedure from you. I got the liposuction, or liposculpture, how long, or how quickly do I see a result?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Well, usually you can see something right away. I mean, a lot of people don't want to look right away, 'cause there is some bruising and swelling. It depends how much we've done. Some people, you notice a huge difference right away if it's a lot from one area.

Crystal Kay: Okay.

Dr. Suzanne T.: It's very obvious right away. I usually tell people, the swelling really starts to go down at two weeks. Six weeks, it's pretty much the way it's going to be. But three months is, that's how it's going to be.

So I really like to be very honest and up front with my patients. I do the very best job that I can. I take off as much as I can within reason. But at three months, that's how it's going to be. 

So I don't carry on for months, say, "Oh, it's just swelling. Come back in another year." I mean, at three months, that's how it's going to be. And you should really see your result within a couple of weeks.

Crystal Kay: Okay, well three months is great. 'Cause for those of us who have reunions coming up, we can plan it accordingly.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Crystal Kay: So we're going to make sure that we look our best.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yeah.

Crystal Kay: Now you talked about liposculpture. What are some other, maybe new techniques or new procedures that are happening right now?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Well I would have to say Crystal, that the hottest procedure right now is the autologous, or your own fat transfer, the liposuction fat to the breasts. So breast augmentation with your own fat. Yes, it is a dream come true.

Crystal Kay: So for the fat injection to the breasts, when should we expect to see result? Is it also the three months, as in liposuction?

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yes, but unfortunately it goes in the other direction. So it starts out, they start out very swollen, with fluid. Post operatively they're just swollen, like everything's swollen. They do go down.

Crystal Kay: So you shouldn't get excited the next day?

Dr. Suzanne T.: They get excited. They get excited. Sometimes they get scared, and I tell them, I'm like, "Listen, you can't, I can't possibly make you too big with this operation." If I could make somebody too big with this operation, I'd be retired. I mean, so I would say about the same, about three months when the swelling is pretty much down, and what fat is going to take has taken. 

But then again, they do fluctuate with your weight. So if you gain weight, they can get bigger. Even bigger than they were. And then, I've had one patient who trained for a marathon and they got smaller for a while, but then when she got back to her baseline, they were bigger again.

Crystal Kay: Okay, so we talked about liposuction, and we talked about the fat transfer, which is amazing. But some of us out there, or out here may not be ready to go under the knife just yet. Maybe we're on the cusp. Maybe we're thinking about it. 

What could you recommend to those of us who want to improve our look, but we're not ready to go under the knife just yet?

Dr. Suzanne T.: So obviously for the face, when you're talking about rejuvenation of the face, you're talking about Botox and fillers and things like that.

So one thing I've done with fillers is use them to fill in small areas of cellulite on the body. 'Cause a lot of people ask, "What can I do about cellulite?" I mean whoever has the real, true answer to this is going to be the world's first trillionaire, I always say.

Crystal Kay: Hopefully it's you.

Dr. Suzanne T.: Yeah, well-

Crystal Kay: So again, thank you Suzanne for joining us today. So again, Doctor Suzanne Trott her in her Beverly Hills office. Again, she can make us all look our absolute best. Thank you for watching.


Jeranil: I heard about Dr. Trott from a friend of a friend, who was a former patient of hers. And she came highly recommended and raved about her. She had the same procedure done that I was thinking about getting done at the time. I read many, many, many profiles online. Being a doctor myself, I wanted the best. So, after reading through literally hundreds of plastic surgery biographies, and reading through patient testimonials, I decided that Dr. Trott was the best and I decided to come see for myself what she was like in person.

It's been several months since my procedure, and I feel absolutely fantastic. I'm more comfortable with myself, I'm more secure. I am proportional now. I have no pain, and I can work without any difficulties. And it's all thanks to Dr. Trott and her fantastic work. I highly recommend her to anyone who's getting this procedure done. The first words out of my mouth, my first day, postoperatively, when I saw Dr. Trott was "I love you, thank you so much. I feel wonderful."