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Brazilian Butt Lift in Beverly Hills, CA

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About Brazilian Butt Lift

A full, round butt is becoming increasingly popular, but not everyone can get one by doing more squats at the gym. Some people have naturally small or flat buttocks that cannot develop enough muscle to achieve their goals. Double board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Suzanne Trott offers the Brazilian butt lift at her Beverly Hills, CA practice to enhance the size and shape of the butt using the patient's own fat. Also called an autologous fat graft, a fat transfer removes excess fat from one or more areas of the patient's body. The fat is then purified and prepared to be re-injected into the buttocks for natural-looking volume. The Brazilian butt lift is inspired by the shapely buttocks that are often seen on the beaches of Brazil. While it is called a butt lift, a Brazilian butt lift is actually an augmentation that does not remove excess skin or raise the position of the butt. However, the added fat can fill up loose skin for a better appearance. To get a curvy, youthful butt that looks great in and out of clothes, schedule a consultation at Suzanne A. Trott, MD, FACS to learn more about Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery.

Best Candidates

Prior to the procedure, you will have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals for the Brazilian butt lift. The surgeon will assess your body to determine if you have enough excess fat to meet your goals and the best areas to perform liposuction. Patients who do not have enough excess body fat, may be better candidates for butt augmentation with implants. The plastic surgeon will help you decide the best procedure for your needs and goals during your initial consultation.

What to Expect

A Brazilian butt lift is usually performed as an outpatient surgery in about 2 hours under general anesthesia. The procedure may take more or less time based on the amount of donor sites that used, as well as how many injections are needed to achieve the desired look. After the procedure, you should expect swelling and bruising of the rear end and the liposuction area(s). You may have difficulty sitting and may not be able to comfortably do so until the swelling has subsided. Afterwards, your buttocks should look and feel natural. Extra fat from liposuction may be saved and used at the first follow up appointment to help fill in any unevenness and add smoothness. It will take approximately 3 months to see final results.

Other Considerations

After using liposuction to extract the needed fat, the fat is filtered and purified. The usable fat is then injected into designated areas of the buttocks through a syringe. Multiple injections may be used to achieve the desired look. The surgeon will usually add slightly more fat than the patient wants to account for the fat that will be re-absorbed by the body. It is important that you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine after the surgery to maintain their results. Any significant weight gain after the surgery can negatively affect the results of the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

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Kick Your Rear into High Gear

You can now get that fuller, rounder butt that you have been exercising toward guaranteed with a Brazilian butt lift. This popular surgery may be exactly what you need to boost your confidence and rear! Contact our office to schedule your consultation and find out if this procedure is right for you.

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