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Breast Revision in Beverly Hills, CA

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About Breast Implant Revision

While it is not always true that breast implants have to be replaced, it is important that you realize that as your body ages –  breast revision surgery or implant replacement surgery may be required to maintain the beautiful results of your breast augmentation. Because many women receive implants early in life it is expected that breast revision surgery will be needed after pregnancies or with advanced age to maintain results. Whatever your reason, double board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Suzanne Trott can help you achieve your goals of restoring your breasts so they look and feel as good as they did with that first augmentation surgery. Each of Dr. Trott's breast revision surgery procedures are customized to the individual patient. If you suffer from capsular contracture or other complications of breast augmentation surgery, your health insurance may cover a portion of the surgery. However, health insurance will not cover the costs to replace your implants if this a cosmetic procedure. To learn more about your options for breast revision surgery, schedule a consultation at Suzanne A. Trott, MD, FACS in Beverly Hills, CA.

Best Candidates

Usually, a breast revision surgery is performed for:

  • Medical reasons
  • Cosmetic reasons
  • Implant exchange

What to Expect

During your consultation, the surgeon will listen to the your concerns and cosmetic goals before making recommendations for a specific treatment plan. Since each implant revision surgery is unique to the patient's situation, the surgical technique and length of surgery and recovery will vary. You should expect a longer recovery time for multiple or extensive revision surgeries that involve removing scar tissue or removing loose skin. A revision that replaces a breast implant usually allows for the shortest recovery period. If you suspect your breast implant has ruptured, please seek medical attention immediately.

Surgery Considerations

  • Implant ruptures are rare, but it does require revision surgery. A ruptured saline implant may appear to be deflated and flattened, but the saline is safely absorbed by the body. When a silicone implant ruptures, the gel doesn't move, but there is an obvious difference in firmness and the shape of the breast. In most cases, the silicone is still contained within the implant and does not harm the body.
  • Double bubble deformity creates an unnatural indentation in the breast and looks like the implant has fallen out of position. Visually, the breasts will appear unattractively doubled underneath the crease. This usually occurs if the implants were not properly positioned during the augmentation surgery. It can also happen if there is too much scar tissue around the implant itself. Breast revision surgery is the only way to amend this situation as the situation will not correct itself. The surgeon may also use a surgical mesh to reinforce the implant and keep it from moving.
  • Scarring (capsular contracture) can cause a hardening of the breast, which occurs more often in saline implants. There is always a risk of scar tissue forming around the breast implant once it has settled into the chest, which shifts the implant out of place and hardens the breast. In this case, a surgeon would have to remove the scar tissue with a procedure called a capsulectomy.
  • Breast rippling is a visible wrinkling beneath or on the side of the breast. This can often be seen under clothes. Rippling can happen with any augmentation patient, but it is most common with women who are thin and have very little muscle under the breast. Saline implants cause rippling more than silicone implants. This complication is not a health risk, but it does lead to unattractive, wrinkly breasts.
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New and Improved Implants

We want everyone to be happy with their breast augmentations, so we offer breast revision surgery (even if it is to correct another surgeon’s work) to help you reach your cosmetic goals. Please schedule a consultation at our office to learn more about your revision possibilities.

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