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Cellulite Cure?

Check out our laser -- it's reducing the appearance of the dreaded Cellulite! XO, LQ


Speaker 1: Happy New Year everyone. So I'm here to discuss cellulite. Yes. It is the worst. The last frontier. I'm right there with you. However, nothing seems to work. You've tried everything. Well we have something that actually helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. And that is because cellulite is caused not by one but by three different things. One is genetic. The second is sagging skin over time and the third are those varicose veins right underneath your skin. Those veins not only cause irregularity but they cause shadows that make it look like you have cellulite when you don't. We have found amazing results with our laser genesis laser, one time treatment getting rid of these veins as well as spider veins. And we're very excited about it. Happy New Year.