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Fixing Liposuction

"Trott's Thoughts" on post-liposuction touch-ups.


Speaker 1: Hey everyone. Today I just wanted to talk briefly about fixing liposuction, which is actually potentially very harmful to do, and sometimes can't be done, if the surgeon's gotten too close to the skin, or too close to the skin in too many areas, or you don't have enough fat to transfer to fill those areas, sometimes it just can't be fixed.

I've seen situations like this. My style of doing liposuction I feel is controlled in a way that I give everyone three months to come up with something they want to fix, because you can always find something. Nobody looks at themselves when the fat's there, and then the fat's gone and then you're like, "Hm, there's a little spot here, and there's a little spot here." I give everyone three months to come up with something, and we can do that in the office, under local.

You need to go to a surgeon who does that for you, and takes liposuction seriously.