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Deep Plane Lower Face and Neck Lift

Deep plane lower face and neck lift on my lovely 60 year-old patient. The incisions are in front of and behind the ears. Still a little red but it’s only been six weeks. We have a fractionated C02 laser and a Cutera laser that can help the scars fade faster, but they usually fade on their own anyway. She still looks like herself, just refreshed in a natural way. Those of you who know me know that I am all about natural!

I have also done a breast reduction and abdominoplasty on her in the past. My patients and I are all aging together, and the procedures they desire change over time.I have a lot of patients for whom I did breast and body contouring or in-office injections who are now ready for neck and lower facial rejuvenation. I love the continuity of care! Stay tuned for more cases like these!!!