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The Lipo Queen Vixen Shapewear

Watch an amazing customer try on The Vixen for the first time! It can be a challenge to get on at first, but check out her results...as well as a twist ending! ;)


Jen: Okay. 

Speaker 1: The box with the picture of you on it. 

Speaker 1: And open it. Oh, and I get a card and you signed it. You're welcome. Let's open it up and see what's inside. [inaudible] this morning. 

Oh, I love it. Okay. Let's do this. Let's put it on. Okay, it's gonna be tough to get on the first time, we'll see. 

Jen: But it won't ... as long as your [crosstalk] as you measured correctly, it will fit. 

Speaker 1: Perfect. Okay. 

Jen: Yes. 

Speaker 1: Alrighty. Here we go. Let's put on the Lipo Queen's garment.

Jen: So we measured your waist. 

Speaker 1: And it measured out to be obese. But that's okay because this garment is gonna fix that. Just dance into it people. Feels like it's not gonna go on, but it will. You just gotta work it out. Do a little shimmy. 

Jen: Oh my God, you're just so funny. 

Speaker 1: Like that. I got a zillion of these other brands and they're not worth it. They roll up, roll down, they're not as snug as they need to be. The material sucks. Shimmy, shimmy. It's coming you guys. 

Okay, strap time. Then we can adjust. 

Jen: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: That wasn't as hard. 

Jen: As you thought it was [crosstalk] gonna be. 

Speaker 1: As I thought it was gonna be. Yeah. 

Jen: Everyone's torso is a different length so, it goes up. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, I gotta fix the thigh part here. Nobody wants a extra thigh roll out. And problem solved. 

Jen: Like, yeah, pull up so the, yeah, like it would be where it if you had lipo, where you'd want off that. Yeah, there you go.

Speaker 1: It feels great. It feels like everything's being held in place where it should be held in place. Oh my gosh, look at that. I have room to spare now. I could buy a couple jeans smaller. And i can even fold them. Oh my God. 

Jen: Let me see in the back. 

Speaker 1: Look at that, doc. That's awesome. 

Jen: Awesome. 

Speaker 1: I have four fingers in ... five fingers in here. Oh my God. 

Jen: Okay. 

Speaker 1: I love it. 

Jen: Okay. 

Speaker 1: Thank you. 

Jen: Now I have to fess up about something. 

Speaker 1: Okay. 

Jen: That was a little harder than it should've been because you measured a size larger than that. So that's actually by measurements, too small for you and you still got it on. 

Speaker 1: Oh my God, are you serious? 

Jen: Yes. 

Speaker 1: Well, I'm kind of tickled then [crosstalk]

Jen: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Thank you. And I'm all red from working out, but it's totally worth it. Like, I can feel it all holding [crosstalk]

Jen: It's just the, like, part ... you just have to get the top part over your butt. And it will. 

Speaker 1: And for all you girls with big butts and big hips like me, you could do it. You can get it over there. 

Jen: Okay, thank you, Jen, you're awesome. 

Speaker 1: You're welcome.