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Botox or Filler - Which Should I Do First?

Botox or Filler?

We've been getting a lot of questions over the years about the timing of botox and filler in the same area of your face -- does the order matter? Will the effectiveness of the treatment be the same if I do one first? Are there any health risks of doing botox before filler, or vice versa? We're here to answer all your questions!

Bottom line: the order in which you get the treatments does not matter and you will still get the great benefits of both! In fact, a recent study in the "Aesthetic Surgery Journal" found that "between 92% and 100% of patients exhibited...meaningful improvements as rated by physicians, objective observers, and subjects...regardless of treatment administration order." So for all of you who have had botox or fillers in the past and are looking to treat crow's feet or marionette lines, don't worry! We will still get amazing results on future treatments!

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