Double Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Trott's Skin Care Routine

My patients always ask what the secret to my skin care regimen is because even I have to admit, I’m aging pretty well for a pasty white girl. The truth is, there is no secret—I use three easy products:

1) Morning:

Senté’s Dermal Repair Cream

2) Bedtime:

Senté’s Bio Complete Serum (a gentler alternative to Retin-A).

I like Senté’s products because they use a legit science with a patented formula of heparan molecules that are small enough to actually get through your skin—they work on the inside, stimulating collagen production for long-term improvement. Their products are also oil and paraben free.

***Buyer Beware!!!

Sente products can only be purchased through a physician’s office. I don’t know where that other stuff on Amazon is coming from, but it’s not the real thing.

3) Sunscreen: shamefully I started using this rather late in life, but now my staple is EltaMD’s Clear SPF 46 sunscreen. I use the tinted version because it gives my Caspar-the-ghost complexion a little pick me up.

The UV Clear formulations are oil-free, nourishing with vitamin B3, moisturizing with hyaluronic acid, and skin-clearing with lactic acid. They’re also non-toxic, using the mineral zinc oxide for UVA/UVB sun protection (longer lasting on the skin than toxic chemical filters such as avobenzone and oxybenzone).

Another bonus to all of these products-they are cruelty-free!

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