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Everything You (Didn't) Want to Know about Male Enhancement


“Do you do penis enlargements?”

This is the most common jk! question that you will get at least once in a social setting when the comedian of the group finds out you’re a plastic surgeon.

While this person—usually a guy—thinks they’re being funny, and they really don’t expect an answer, according to the October edition of our Aesthetic Surgery Journal there is a non-surgical solution.

The article covers the what, why, where and—most importantly—HOW and HOW NOT to have it done.

At first I was like, I can’t write about penile enlargement in a mainstream blog. But when you think about it, in addition to all of the other s#$t going on these days, there has been a very vocal female genitalia revolution. The “labiaplasty” has become the new “breast aug” and women are becoming obsessed with the length of their labia minoras.

So what about the guys? Why do we just roll our eyes at their issues? If there’s legit medical information, we should at least seriously address the male issue of not feeling comfortable about penis size, and that there is something that can be done about it.

*****Disclaimer**** ******

This blog does not apply to congenital deformities—that is a completely separate topic. This article just addresses men who have a “normal penis size”  ?? and want it to be bigger. ****** So after reading this scientific article from our esteemed journal these are the facts:

  • According to this article, the “normal” size—in full action-- ranges from 5—8 inches in length and 5—5.9 inches in circumference. There is a disclaimer that this varies over different populations.
  • Very interesting: Most men who seek penile enlargement actually have measurements that fall within these parameters.
  • Dissatisfaction with a normal-sized penis at rest (3.5—5.9 inches) is termed “small penis syndrome” or “small penis anxiety” and this dissatisfaction can cause inhibition of social functioning, especially with sexual relationships and lowered self-esteem.
  • Exposure to pornography is one of the socioeconomic influences that make men with normal sized penises feel inadequate. Wow. Who knew?
  • Due to the internet and social media, more and more men are seeking help in this area and there is an increased need for simple, safe and effective procedures.
  • Increased girth--not length--is what most men are after and fortunately this is treatable with an in-office injection. Yes, a filler. With local anesthesia.
  • Poor filler choices are silicone(illegal), fat and hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), which can lead to irregularities.
  • The BEST filler for this is hyaluronic acid. The authors recommend Voluma for its long lasting effectiveness (two years). These fillers can also be removed if necessary.
  • The performance of the actual procedure has a few important nuances—so make sure that it is done by a credentialed plastic surgeon, urologist, or general surgeon

who understands the anatomy of the different layers. You do not want the injection done too deep.  

  • Sound too good to be true? It almost is. Here’s the catch. This is a pricey procedure. The article suggests that it requires 20-25 cc of Voluma to get a satisfactory result—that is, an increase of 1.1 inches in circumference at rest and a little over half an inch in full action. This is done over two sessions, approximately two weeks apart. Depending on the city you are in, this could cost upwards from $10,000.00

  They actually had a really good before and after picture in the journal, but you’re just going to have to take my word for it because I don’t know how to show it without getting it taken down by the internet police and I don’t want to be flagged as porn.  

So for all of you guys out there that are joking/not joking about this subject, I hope this info is helpful.

Because I think that this is an arena in which men are actually suffering reverse discrimination. Just the way every day we hear about a new laser for vaginal tightening and cosmesis, here is the minimally invasive equivalent for men.  

You’re welcome, guys.  



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