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"I Regret Taking Such Good Care of My Skin"- No One Ever

The three main factors that affect aging skin are:

  • Sun Exposure
  • Smoking (or nicotine in any form)
  • Genetics

Here in #SoCal, it's impossible to avoid the sun (and who really wants to, anyway? Sunshine every day is why we're all here)

You don't have to hide from the sun like an old fashioned vampire- just enjoy it in moderation- wear sunscreen and if you've just spent $ on a laser or something recently, war a hat-- or those brown spots you just got rid of are going to come RIGHT back.

Smoking... that's a tough one with all of our societal stress and access to odorless vaping these days, but try to remember that every time you ingest nicotine, it's squeezing down on all the microscopic blood vessels under your skin, depriving it of oxygen and predisposing it to premature #wrinkles. * this only applies to nicotine, not #marijuana. As far as I know, marijuana doesn't expedite skin aging.

Genetics-- well this is the luck of the draw-- people with darker skin tones usually stay younger looking longer. HOWEVER, I have seen women who tan easily (Fitzpatrick III skin types) with premature aging that cannot be reversed.

We have a whole armamentarium of #lasers and #peels and #products to help you maintain, but they really only work on the face. Face and neck skin are thin enough that they can be resurfaced without scarring. Except for the #decolletage-- Not so on the rest of the body-- so, as usual, best approach is #PREVENTION.

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