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Myers' Cocktail

Need a boost? Trouble breastfeeding? Meet your new best friend, The Myers' Cocktail.

So what is a Myers' Cocktail exactly? This powerful IV drip is a nutrient mixture invented by Baltimore physician John Meyers containing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The formula is claimed to be beneficial for overall nutrition, and great for producing breast milk.

Recently, we had our dear patient, Heather, come in for her own Myers' Cocktail while in the midst of pumping for her newborn. After hearing that this infusion could be helpful in aiding breast milk production, it was something she just HAD to try. Her result? The next day she was "gushing breast milk."

We perform the Myers' Cocktail in the office, and we can even run it while we are doing your routine Botox and filler! To see the step by step process, check out our video showcasing Heather's experience!

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