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Never Underestimate the Power of Broad Shoulders

Especially in a woman. The effect that our shoulders have on the overall look of our bodies is something that we wouldn't normally even think about. This is a little bit of a beauty secret. Because, really....shoulders? What do shoulders have to do with anything? The message we get from society is that women should be petite, delicate, skinny, tiny...We think about arms, bra fat, muffin tops, saddlebags---who thinks about their shoulders? It is something that I personally would have had no idea about if my mother---who is an artist---hadn't pointed out to me how fortunate I was to have inherited her broad shoulders instead of my father's narrow ones. I was eight years old at the time, so this news was completely lost on me. But once I became a body sculpting guru, I got it.

If it weren't for my broad shoulders, I wouldn't have a waist. Broad shoulders give the whole body proportion.





  This is something you probably wouldn't know about if you didn't have a semi-neurotic mother like mine, but without broad shoulders, very thin women just look that---very thin. If they're super skinny, they look spindly. Shoulders can add that "wow" factor. So what can you do to make your shoulders appear broader? Obviously, contouring your lower body with liposculpture is an extreme option, but it works. Check out our website DRTROTT.COM to see a gallery of before/after pics. And for some less expensive, faster tips, check out this Paris Ciel article: "Tips and Tricks for Dressing Women with Narrow Shoulders."  Here are some highlights from the article:

  • "Wear necklines that elongate your narrow shoulders. Go for bateau, off-the-shoulders, square and wide V neck evening dresses or tops. These necklines will help make the shoulders look wider because of the horizontal and diverging lines."
  • "Wear wide shoulders straps."
  • "Avoid necklines that highlight your narrow shoulders.  Absolutely no narrow V-neck, halter and gathered necklines as these necklines will dramatically reduce the length of your narrow shoulders!"
  • "Avoid raglan sleeves, dolman sleeves and kimono sleeves. Wear wide collars and lapels."

And of course...small, subtle shoulder pads can make a nice difference. Who knew...broad shoulders = a secret weapon! XO, LQ    

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