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Veneers & Eyelash Extensions During Anesthesia

Often times my patients worry that their veneers or eyelash extensions will be in the anesthesiologist’s way and be damaged. But trust us, there is nothing to worry about!

Everyone here in LA has veneers and eyelash extensions, and we know how important they are, and that you go through a lot—and pay a lot!--to get them. They are not treated as an afterthought. Eyelash extensions can take hours to get done, and we know you don't want to lose a single lash, especially the most important ones at the outside corner of your lash line. Usually during anesthesia, the patient’s eyelids are taped shut. This protects you from getting dry eyes and possibly a corneal abrasion. The anesthesiologists I work with are extremely careful taping the eyes and we have never had anyone lose a singleeyelash extension.

Veneers are expensive. Our anesthesiologists use high-end technology with direct visualization screens (Video-assisted laryngoscopy) so that they don't have to pull against your teeth while putting the tube in, if a tube is even needed. Most of the time the anesthesiologists I work with don't even use a tube. They use what's an LMA (Laryngeal mask airway) which just keeps your airway open by blocking your esophagus while you are breathing on your own.

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