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Fat Transfer Procedures: Using the Revolve System

Dr. Suzanne Trott recommends using the Revolve System by LifeCell in fat transfer procedures, and suggests you ask if your plastic surgeon uses it.


Dr. Suzanne T.: A few years ago, I started using a device that I really liked, and so I kept using it. It's called the REVOLVE. It's kind of hard to say, REVOLVE. It cleans the fat better than other systems. When you're collecting fat from liposuction to put it into the breasts, it has to go out and then go into something. This was just much cleaner and easier for the techs in the OR, and it has this gadget here where it cleans out extra stuff. I found that it just made everything better.

Obviously, this is something you want to decrease and it's something that I've seen less in my practice. I would recommend asking your plastic surgeon if you're having fat transfer in the breasts, if they're using a REVOLVE system. I recommend it.