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Hate to say I told you so....;)

"Trott's Thoughts" on Fat Transfer to the Breast in cosmetic procedures.


Speaker 1: I told you so. That's what I tell my colleagues now when we talk about fat transfer to the breast, the most awesome procedure that's come out in the second decade in the millennium for cosmetic breast augmentation. I was the first person here in Beverly Hills to do this procedure, because I was already doing a lot of liposuction. When you've got a hammer, everything looks like nail. I went and learned about this six years ago and started doing it, and everyone else said I was crazy and it didn't work, and it was dumb because they didn't want to do liposuction. Well, now everyone's doing it. Look around. Make sure you have a surgeon that's good at liposuction, because harvesting the fat is much more difficult than putting it in the breast. I told you so.