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Reviews for Fat Transfer Procedures Near Beverly Hills, CA

Double board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Suzanne Trott understands that prospective patients require clear information to choose the right person for their cosmetic and reconstructive surgery needs. Beverly Hills, CA residents doing research to find the best plastic surgeon for their particular surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic needs rely on patient reviews to gain knowledge and confidence. We are grateful for all our patient reviews about Suzanne A. Trott, MD, FACS and are pleased to publish them here, on this page, for our prospective patients to explore. Dr. Trott believes that each patient is different and should have a personalized patient experience.

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Review from V.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Mar 24, 2017

Granny Makeover - At age 59, and 5"-2", I wanted to treat myself to a "Grannie Makeover!" My body was making me feel terrible about myself as I was really seeing what having three kids and two previous abdominal surgeries looked like! My abdomen looked like a LARGE deflated balloon and when I would lean over..well it was making me sick! I REALLY needed a tummy tuck!! My boobs had seemed to triple in size and they needed a reduction and lift! I was turning into a potato...like my mom and I once had a great shape! I wanted to find a female plastic surgeon who would "get me." A friend referred me and said to me "Don't EVEN bother going to anyone other than Suzanne Trott!!" So, I did! My first consultation was so positive and she totally understood all of my issues and concerns. Dr Trott is a perfectionist and extremely cautious, and I liked that! I am married to a physician who practices the same standards. I had my abdominalplasty, breast lift and reduction with a fat transfer to my breasts for a natural look. She also performed lipo to my hips and thighs and wherever else I needed. She is the LipoQueen and she has totally re-shaped me! She is very genuine, sweet and funny! She has a great bedside manner! I am sooooo soooo pleased with my results! I love how my body looks, my clothes fit like they should and NOW at age 62 I can saunter down any beach in a string bikini and not give a youknowwhat!Dr Suzanne Trott is the absolute best! I will tell you, don't EVEN bother going to anyone other than Suzanne Trott! I love you, Dr. Trott and I am forever grateful to you. You really have a gift!! XoxoVicki More

Review from J.B.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 31, 2016

If you are looking for a very detailed, professional, state of the art doctor, whose bedside manner and personality is very warm and comforting along with amazing results, well this is your doctor. I work in the aesthetic industry, and I refer all my clients to Dr. Trott as well as have chosen her myself when I have needed her artistic, precise skills.She has performed thousands of surgeries, her body contouring and breasts are the best in the business. Aftercare and follow up is spot on. She will answer all your questions and concerns. Beautiful, friendly office. Nice surgery center. She is my go-to plastic surgeon for myself and my friends and clients. She also created amazing shape wear! Check it out...#lipoqueen. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Apr 11, 2015

Choosing Dr. Trott to perform my plastic surgery was the best decision I have ever made. The procedure I needed (liposuction with lipotransfer) is not all that common and there are not that many plastic surgeons that perform it. So I had to look for a doctor all over the country. Once I found Dr. Trott and red all the reviews, I was still very hesitant and wanted to meet in person first. I was amazed at how honest she was regarding what to expect. It seemed like she was not money driven at all. She genuinely wanted me to get the results I wanted. She was very straight forward answering my questions, and she openly told me all the downsides of the procedure. After six months of careful consideration I decided to move forward with Dr. Trott. Now it has been almost ten months after my procedure and I have to say I have never been this attractive in my entire life! Not even when I was 18, no joke. My body is perfect. I will not lie, the lipotransfer did not give me desired result (which Dr. Trott warned me may happen), but the results of lipo are absolutely amazing. The scars are gone, I have no weird dimples or wrinkles, everything is smooth and very symmetrical. I have one unnoticeable dent on my abdomen, that nobody (other than me) sees. I love myself naked. I look in the mirror and it makes me happy to see what I see. Truly a flawless work. More

Review from L.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Apr 29, 2013

The Me I Always Wanted - Beverly Hills, CA - I had a breast reduction many years ago and was very thin but had some pockets if unwanted fat in flanks and thighs and was getting "deflated" in my breasts. Dr. Trott transformed my body and my confidence by lipo-ing the horrific fat and transferring it to by breasts to reshape and fill them! It went better than expected! A real win-win! It's been almost a year and I still have the right amount of fat remaining in my breasts! She's an artist and a wonderful human being! Top notch and highly recommended!!!! More

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